Leroy's @merrioncricketclub

As lockdown comes to an end, so have our meal boxes. We could not be happier with how they went and massively appreciate your support. We are currently working on a Leroy's pop up where we plan to sling burgers and booze for you to enjoy in our outdoor dining area (under construction!). Our plan is to have an opening party on June 12th, keep an eye on our instagram for updates!

Please feel free to contact us with any queries using the Contact Us button on this site. Alternatively, slide into our DMs on Instagram.

Well-chosen wine pairings take tasty food from Leroy's to another level

Katy McGuinness - Irish Independent

Dishes such as pappardelle with seasonal mushroom and Irish sausage cream, and organic Irish salmon topped with arjard, house pickled onion and dill are visually stunning but for me, it's the drunk prunes in red wine with mascarpone that have caused me sleepless nights.

Ciara McQuillan - The Gloss

You might not be lucky enough to catch the chocolate chip cookies in your menu... If you miss them, I'm so so so sorry but they're some of the best cookies I've ever had. The perfect combination of brown-sugary cookie dough and seriously good-quality chocolate chips, layers and layers of them.

Lynda Keogh - Lovin Dublin